Sexy Genasi Queen W/Spells 28mm or 32mm Miniatures

Product Description

This sculpt of the powerful Genasi Queen demonstrates some of her mystical abilities with elements. Great elemental spell caster for your next RPG (Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragon, Warhammer, etc) adventure! Also, makes a great table top display. This model is available in 28mm or 32mm scale.

Base, body, and 4 spell effects are separate pieces that will need to be assembled using an adhesive, such as super glue.

  • Available in both 28mm and 32mm scale. See link at top of page for more info on model scaling.
  • Some minor assembly may be required. See link at top of page for more info on assembly.
  • Images are 3D renderings, not the actual color of resin. Figures will come in a dark gray resin as shown in example print photo.
  • Item is custom made to order.

Figures designed by Twin Goddess Miniatures. Officially licensed to sell.

Maximum quantity available reached.

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