Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Can you make [item] larger?

Yes, in most cases we can scale anything up. Exactly how big depends on the item in question. The cost increases significantly with the size, though. A 28mm figure increased to 56mm won't be twice the price. It'll be closer to 5x the price. This is because it'll use 8x more material, and take 2.5x longer to print.

Can you make [item] smaller?

Typically speaking, no. If it's just a bit smaller (say from 28mm to 25mm), then I probably can. But if it's a 75mm figure and you want to shrink it to 28mm, it's not going to work. The larger figures are designed with tiny details that won't survive being shrunk down that small.

Can you custom model [item] for me?

Unfortunately, no. I'm not a 3D artist, I just partner with some of the best artists working today to bring these items to you. I would recommend reaching out to someone on a site like Fiverr and searching for 3D Model to find an artist. Once you have the model, I can provide a custom print of it for you. Pricing depends on each situation.

I have a 3D printer and just need the stl files. Can you sell me those?

Unfortunately I can't. I'm licensed to sell physical prints, but the agreement does not allow me to sell the files. However, digital files of most of the models in my store can be found for purchase on

What's the scale of your minis?

Most of our miniatures are available in 28mm scale, 32mm scale, or both options. Some items are available at 1:6 scale, 1:10 scale, or 1:14 scale as well. These are larger model kits. Busts come in a variety of scales measured by the total height of the bust from bottom to top.

What does 28mm scale and 32mm scale mean?

There's no standard size that is considered the "correct" size, but the most widely used system is what we use. This system says that a standard 6'-0" tall character should measure 28mm to 30mm (for 28mm scale) or 32mm to 35mm (for 32mm scale) from the bottom of their feet to the center of their eyes. Every designer creates figures at slightly different scales. We increase or decrease the size of these figures to be closer to the chosen scale system, so that all our figures work well together with minimal height differences.

Please note, these are based on the height of the character. A 7'-0" tall barbarian will be much taller than 28mm at his eyes. A dwarf will be much shorter. A 32mm halfling will be shorter than a 28mm human. It does not mean each figure is exactly 28mm/32mm tall, or that they'll come with a certain base.

What does "appropriate base" mean?

Many of our miniatures include an option to purchase with or without an appropriate base. "Appropriate Base" means it's sized correctly (25mm to 32mm bases for most standard characters, depending on the model's size) and the style is fitting for the figure. The style may or may not look like the base in the rendering. But we won't send you a druid on a sci-fi base, or an orc on a wooden plank base. Unless maybe that orc is a pirate or a bard. Note, some 32mm figures will come with 25mm bases. Some 28mm figures will come with 32mm+. The overall size and stance of the figure determines what size base it needs.

What size should I order?

That depends on the game you're playing and what other figures you're playing with. If you play with a standard 1"x1" battle grid, then you would do best to order 28mm figures. Most 28mm figures come with a 25mm (or 1") round base. If you order a larger size, the base may be larger than the squares and most of your other characters. That said, if you have purchased 32mm figures in the past, you'll want 32mm figures to match them.

Will this figure match sizes with the figures I bought from someone else?

That depends. Some designers sell 28mm figure, 32mm figures, or heroic sized figures (meaning a standard human is 40mm+). Some vendors (like some of the Reaper miniatures or WizKids miniatures) are even in 25mm scale, which is a little smaller than 28mm. Ultimately, I can't guarantee your items will match another designer or vendor. But I do try very hard to make sure my models are close in scale to each other.

This creature [dragon, giant, etc] says it's 28mm. Does that mean the dragon is only 1" tall??

Not at all. 28mm scale means it's scaled so that a standard 6'-0" tall character is 28mm from feet to eyes. The dragon is scaled to be appropriate for that scale system. We try to list whether a monster would be Huge, Gargantuan, Colossal, etc. Refer to the game system you're using for what those sizes mean. In most cases, larger monsters will have measurements listed on their pictures to give you an exact idea of size.

How big is XX millimeters in inches?

To make it easier, we added a metric to standard converter at the bottom of every page. The most common are: 25mm=0.98", 28mm=1.1", and 32mm=1.26".

Why does it say it'll take 3 to 5 days before it ships?

Most of my models are custom made to order, not premade. The full process of printing, cleaning, curing, and packing the order can take up to 5 business days. Orders can ship much sooner than that, or may take the full time. If you need something in a hurry (for birthdays, a specific game, etc) please contact us and ask if we can accomodate expedited processing. Expedited production costs slightly more, but often it's faster to have production expedited with standard shipping, rather than paying extra for expedited shipping.

Why don't you offer free shipping?

There's no such thing as free shipping. My Etsy store offers free shipping for orders over $35, because Etsy requires you to offer that to get included in search results. They then tell you to increase your prices to cover the costs. This means that people who order $35 or more get a "better deal", but they could order three $12 minis and get free shipping or order those same three minis here for $10 and pay $5.50 for shipping. Free shipping offers ultimately overcharges people buying less than $35, and I don't want to do that to my customers. That's part of why my prices are lower here.

Should I buy here or on your Etsy store?

Whichever works best for you! It's the same customer service, same quality, and same models offered both places. Prices will be a little lower here, shipping times are a little faster here, and shopping here supports a small business more. However, if you're more comfortable shopping on Etsy then please continue to do so. I strive to provide the same customer service here and on Etsy.

Resin Minis FAQ

Will my miniatures be the same color as the pictures?

In most cases, no. All of our miniatures are printed in a custom resin blend that is specially formulated for high quality prints with added durability and moderate flexibility. This resin is a dark gray color, with blue undertones.

Are bases printed in the same resin as the miniatures?

Most of our bases are printed in a lighter gray resin that provides the same detail quality, but is formulated for heft instead of flexibility, since a base should be solid and provide a stable foundation to our miniatures.

How is resin different from plastic or pewter miniatures?

There are pros and cons to resin miniatures as opposed to plastic or pewter miniatures. High quality resin miniatures tend to be higher detail with crisper lines than either plastic or pewter. They tend to be heavier than plastic miniatures as well, but not as heavy as pewter. On the con side, they aren't as flexible as plastic and are more prone to breaking if dropped from a high place. A good resin like ours will help keep that from happening, or at least reduce it to a broken weapon rather than a completely ruined figure.

Anything I should look out for with resin miniatures?

Resin is more brittle than plastic, so try not to throw or drop them if possible. Until painted, resin miniatures are cured by sunlight. This can lead to making them more brittle, discoloration, etc. Once painted, this is no longer an issue.

How is painting resin different from other types?

Resin miniatures aren't formed in a mold, so they don't have mold release chemicals on them. That means no more scrubbing them prior to painting! Also, resin miniatures hold paint really well so it's not 100% necessary to prime them prior to painting. Priming is still useful if using a light color paint or when using lighting effects. But I've played hundreds of hours with unprimed and painted miniatures, and they still look as good as they did when I first painted them.

Do your resin miniatures have "print lines"?

We print our models at a very high resolution, so print lines are almost completely eliminated. There are also no "mold lines" to worry about!

Are there sprue marks or similar problems with resin miniatures?

Resin miniatures aren't made on a sprue, but they do have supports that require cleanup in a similar manner. We try very hard to clean the models up so you don't have to, but there are always a few minor things that will get missed. Cleaning them up is easy using something like a nail file, sand paper, a razor blade, or small art snips.

Do your models come fully assembled?

In most cases, no. Some models are resin kits that require full assembly. Some are pieces with modular arms/heads/weapons, etc. Almost all will require being adhered to a base. There are a few that are solid pieces, with no assembly required, but they're the exception to the rule.

Why don't you print them fully assembled?

Printing a model fully assembled means you lose quality in the print due to the nature of resin printing. In addition, some items are more likely to arrive without breakage if things like weapons come separately. Printing a model as a single piece also makes it harder to paint (most people prefer to paint a figure separate from the base, then attach to the base later).

What adhesives do you recommend?

I personally use super glue, and my preference is Starbond brand medium super glue. 


We specialize in creating high quality resin 28mm or 32mm miniatures and scatter or terrain for your gaming experience. Our figures work great with any gaming system, whether you're playing Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Warhammer, or any other Roleplaying Games. Please note, we are not affiliated with Wizards of the Coast, Paizo, Citadel, etc. We also provide amazing busts and larger anime style collectibles for your display cases or for your next painting project.