Count Giobaldo Noble Adventurer 28mm or 32mm Miniatures

Product Description

When still a young noble, the family of Count Giobaldo was robbed of its wealth and ancient lands by war and envious other nobles, who pretended to help them. All Count Giobaldo could save was the heirloom sword, some armor and most importantly to him a golden chain with the coat of arms of his house. Leading the life of an adventurer he still exudes the demeanor of a highborn nobleman. During his adventures he befriended Ravhald and Delionne, forming a triumvirate to be reckoned with.

Figure can be purchased with or without a base. Base will come separately and will have to be attached on arrival using an adhesive like super glue.

  • Available in both 28mm and 32mm scale. See link at top of page for more info on model scaling.
  • Some minor assembly may be required. See link at top of page for more info on assembly.
  • Images are 3D renderings, not the actual color of resin. Figures will come in a dark gray resin as shown in example print photo.
  • Item is custom made to order.
Figures designed by RN Estudio. Officially licensed to sell.
Maximum quantity available reached.

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