Illithid Cthulu Brainstealer Mind Flayer Dragon Gargantuan 28mm Miniature

Product Description

This is a sculpt of a Gargantuan Illithid Cthulu Mind Flayer Brainstealer Dragon standing over 260 mm tall. Brainstealers adopt the conniving nature and manipulative intellect of their mind flayer creators. They dominate the minds of Underdark denizens, with even Illithids accompanying the ranks of their minions. They are more proficient in deception and intelligence gathering than their traditional dragon counterparts.

  • Sold in 28mm scale, but works in both 28mm and 32mm games. 
  • Some minor assembly may be required. See link at top of page for more info on assembly.
  • Images are 3D renderings, not the actual color of resin. Figures will come in a dark gray resin as shown in example print photo.
  • Item is custom made to order.

Figures designed by Mini Monster Mayhem. Officially licensed to sell.

Maximum quantity available reached.

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